Year 3 Term 1

Our Learning this Term
The current topic web for this term can be found below.
It provides information about the topics children will cover in each subject area. 
Year 3 Class Worship
Our class led whole school worship focused on our value of Respect. We shared the key messages from our whole school worships this term, reminding the school of the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. We then shared our ideas of how we can show respect in our school and to God's creation. We shared our Art work with the rest of the school based around these ideas; these are now displayed around school as a reminder of how important our value of respect is to us. We finished our worship with a Respect Rap! This was not only fun, but reminded our school of how we can be respectful to our class mates. 
This term, Year 3 have explored the question: What's the strangest thing about how people lived in the past? Some children created a presentation to share their ideas, some created some art work and some had a discussion at home and shared their thoughts with the class.
Author Visit
Stephen Pass, the author of Madge the Mermaid, visited Year 3 and 4. Stephen shared the next chapter of his book and the children learnt how to write short hand.  Stephen also shared his poem - Hair. This week the children wrote their own poems based around Stephen's ideas. 
Poetry Day
To mark National Poetry Day, and link with this year's theme 'Refuge', in PSHE Year 3 learnt about the life of refugees and the impact fleeing a war torn country has on them. 
In RE, the children explored kenning poems, As they are answering the Big Question: 'What is the Trinity?',  the children decided to write their own kenning poem about the Trinity. 
To finish off the week, in our whole class reading lesson, the children read the poem 'Hope' by Nicola Davies. The children used their prediction skills to think what would happen next after reading the first two verses. They then used inference skills to understand the ideas in the poem and explored new vocabulary: impact, minute, fragile and speck.  
PE - Dance
Year three have worked really hard this term on their dance: 'We're all in this together' . We learnt  parts together,  and then they went off in groups and choreographed their own section. 
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