Year 2 Term 2

Our learning this term
The current topic web for this term can be found below. It provides information about the topics children will cover in each subject area. 
VR Day
On our return to school after the Christmas break pupils enjoyed a Virtually Reality experience. We were able to visit various destinations around the world, seeing several animals in their habitats. We visiting the Amazon Rainforest to see a tarantula and a sloth, Africa to see mongoose, lions and giraffes and the Antarctic to see the penguins.
It was a great way to kick-start our Animals Around the World topic.
Animals Around the World
To create a buzz around our new topic of 'Animals Around the World' we had Mrs. Jones visit our class to bring in some animals from around the world. Children got to get up close and hands on with a Madagascan hissing cockroach, a death's head cockroach, a tomato frog, a corn snake and a bearded dragon. 
The class really enjoyed getting to see these animals, learning about where they live, how they have adapted to live in their environment and much more! 
See pictures below. 
Parent Workshops - Spellings
This term we had a parent workshop which explored the various spelling rules we are going to be learning about in Year 2. 
Follow the link to the YouTube clip to watch the zoom meeting. 
Number Day 
On Friday 4th February, pupils celebrated number day by donating money to NSPCC and wearing clothing related to numbers. Throughout the day, pupils played number related board games, computer based games and carried out several activities where they had to sue their number skills to complete. 
See pictures of pupils fantastic number outfits below. 
Safer Internet Day
On Tuesday 8th February, pupils developed their understanding of online safety. They were able to watch the Saltmine Theatre Company performance of how to stay safe online. The performance related a magical forest to the internet, wolves in the forest to strangers on the internet, the forest path to rules we should follow and a tree guardian to internet safety programs.  
Pupils learn rules about how to stay safe in the 'forest':
1. Never go anywhere with anyone you meet in the forest. 
2. Don't share your surname, address or mobile number. 
3. If you ever feel worried or scared call for an adult you trust. 
DT 'Animal Transport Cages'
During this term, pupils have been designing, creating and evaluating their very own animal transport cage. They used woodwork skills to cut, learning how to use a junior hacksaw safely, and joining skills to stick (with a little support using the hot glue guns). 
The class has really enjoyed this project and are proud of what they produced. 
See pictures of their creations below.  
World Book Day 
During World Book Day in year 2 we have explored the author and illustrator Catherine Rayner. 
We joined a live story time with the author herself and joined in with some draw along activities. 
Pupils loved dressing up as their favourite book character. 
See pictures of the day below. 
Guru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara visit
This week we got the opportunity to enhance our RE learning related to Sikhism by visiting a local gurdwara. 
Pupils enjoyed visiting the gurdwara and got a very warm welcome. We followed customs of the religion by covering our hair and taking off our shoes on entry to the gurdwara, we were able to see the Guru Granth Sahib in the prayer hall, watched a presentation about the Sikh religion and visited the langar hall where we were treated to some food. 
This visit has really enhanced pupils understanding of the Sikh religion. 
This week pupils got the opportunity to demonstrate their learning using an app called 'Animate Anything'. 
They took pictures of a sunflower and animated it to talk through it's life cycle. 
Pupils enjoyed using the app to show what they had learnt during this lesson.