Year 4 Term 1

Our learning this term
The current topic web for this term can be found below. It provides information about the topics children will cover in each subject area for the term.
Autumn Spellings 
Please find below our spelling lists for Autumn term 1. 
P4C - Does our planet belong to us?
Children were posed the question 'Does our planet belong to us?' 
They produced some wonderful pieces of work, from posters to PowerPoints, to answer this question. 
They gave their own opinions and opinions of family members, coming up with a variety of answers. 
Pupils also presented their thinking wonderfully to the class. Well done all! 
Sports Leaders 
This term, the Year 4 Sports Leaders have been trained to lead lunchtime activities with the younger pupils in the school. Mr Shakesheave worked alongside the pupils to create an ideal sports leader and plan out many activities pupils can set up and play with the younger pupils. 
The group is very excited to get started and have created a timetable for when each Sports Leader is leading activities on the top playground. 
National Poetry Day 
For National Poetry Day this year, we explored the theme of 'Refuge'. 
We read the poem Hope by Nicola Davies. 
Pupils completed a Whole Class Reading unit answering questions about the poem. 
Viking Myths
We have written our very own Viking Myths, based on the story of Beowulf. We planned and wrote our myths across the week, before writing them up into our portfolios and sharing them with the Year 3 class. 
See pictures below. 
Art - Viking Amulets 
In Art this term, pupils have designed and made a Viking Amulet inspired by Thor's Hammer. 
Pupils practiced drawing and carving Viking symbols before making their final project out of clay. 
Please see below for pictures. 
Courageous Advocacy
During RE this half term, pupils in Year 4 explored 'What do Christians learn form the Creation Story?' After learning about how we can look after the world and follow the ten commandments, pupils wanted to do something to encourage others to treat God's world with Respect. 
Each group chose their own way of presenting their project, some choosing PowerPoints, some choosing videos. 
Please see below for the PowerPoints and links to videos created by each group. 
Author Workshop - Steven Pass 'Madge the Mermaid'.
Children in Year 4 had a fabulous morning during our author workshops with Steven Pass, learning all about his book called 'Madge the Mermaid'. 
Children listened to poems, sang songs, wrote in short hand and read part of the story during our workshops. 
Steven Pass also talked to pupils about the process of writing a book, starting with inspiration from his life, a rough guide of chapters, a first draft full of edits, a second draft and the process of working with an illustrator. 
Children had a brilliant morning morning, thank you Steven!
Sports Leaders 
This week, Sports Leaders have worked alongside our local School Games Organiser, Chris Woods, to plan and run a Sportshall Athletics Pentathlon for fellow Year Fours. Pupils worked brilliantly as a team to explain each event, record scores and motivate those participating. See pictures below. 
Sports Leaders will get the opportunity to run the Sportshall Athletics Pentathlon for other year groups in the Spring term.