Year 3 Term 2

Our Learning this Term
The current topic web for this term can be found below.
It provides information about the topics children will cover in each subject area.
Number Day!
We have had an amazing day raising money for the NSPCC and having lots of fun with maths! Year 3 created their own tessellations by repeating patterns with 2D shapes; last minute points were earned in the TTrocks battle; a maths treasure hunt on the playground; finished off with maths games -  and that was just the morning! In the afternoon, Year 3 completed a variety of learning activities and games all linked in with Time on purple mash. 
This term the children explored the question: If animals around the world had a voice, what would they say? The children applied their English and geography learning to explore animals from different biomes across the world. They presented their ideas in powerpoint presentations, videos, artwork and even some news reports! 
RE Visitor
Hifsa Haroon-Iqba visited us to talk about her religion - Islam. We have been learning about the features of a Mosque in RE which builds on from our learning in Year 1 where we explored what Muslims believe. Listening to Hifsa today brought all of  our learning together and gave us the opportunity to ask questions.