Year 4 Term 3

Our learning this term
The current topic web for this term can be found below. It provides information about the topics children will cover in each subject area for the term.
Times Tables Check 
This term, Year 4 will be completing their Times Tables Check. 
Please continue to practice on TTRockstars to keep pupils fluency up, giving them the best chance to score as high as possible.  
Severn Trent Water
To kick start our Science and Geography topics, we were visited by Lucy from Severn Trent Water who gave a whole school worship about the Water Cycle before spending the rest of the morning completing a workshop in Year 4. 
During the workshop, pupils explored how much water each house hold daily activity uses and how we can do our best to reduce the amount of water we use. 
Pupils also learnt about the history of water, from the Egyptians, to the Romans to modern day. 
A great way to kick start our new topics! 
Pupils in Year 4 were visited by Bike Right to complete the Level 1 course on Bikeability. 
Bike Right taught pupils how to ensure their bikes were safe to ride, what clothing is best to wear when out on a bike ride and some riding skills needed when out and about on your bike. 
Pupils loved this enrichment day, allowing them to grow in confidence, developing their perseverance and courage when faced with new and challenging learning and continuing to develop a skill that can be used throughout their lives. 
Well done to all!