Year 1 Term 2

Our Learning this Term

Our Spring term's topic web can be found above. This outlines the learning that we will cover for each subject. 
Victorian Day
We have had a great day learning all about the Victorians. We learnt about what life was like for at the beginning of the Victorian period when children went to work and then what life was like when children went to school. Mrs Herrington shared with us some of the entries from the Headmaster's log in 1885. We finished the day with a visit from Queen Victoria. She told us all about Albert's great expedition and what she thought about children going out to work. 
VR Day 
Our first day back and Year 1 have experienced a virtual trip to the Arctic! 
"We saw huge strong ships that cut through the ice!"
"I saw an Emperor Penguin"
This has launched our new unit in Geography - Hot and Cold Places - where children will get to learn all about the climate in different countries and more about the animals who live there. 
Safer Internet Day 
Today we have revisited which information is safe to put online and which information is private. We have listened to Tag the mouse who has taught us about about how much time we should spend online. We listened to Once Upon a Time... Online where we read about some familiar fairy tale characters experiencing the the ups and downs of going online.  
"We should try to not spend too much time online as it means that we are sitting for a long time and we might not get enough exercise."
"It stops us from communicating to real people"
"It stops us from going outside and getting fresh air".