Management of the onsite Nursery

 Happy, Caring, Sharing, Learning                                                                

In September 2015 St Michael’s First school took over the management of the onsite Nursery. Mrs Mayne, who has worked for St Michael’s for several years and is a Nursery Nurse with experience in Nursery and Reception class settings, was appointed Nursery Manager. The Nursery is for children aged 3 years onwards and operates 5 days per week.


The Governors and our team of experienced, dedicated staff aim to provide high quality learning experiences to develop children’s full potential. The children’s learning environment is welcoming, caring, safe, stimulating and varied. We follow the Early Years Foundation Curriculum ensuring children gain the attitudes, skills and knowledge appropriate to their age and individual needs. Opportunities are provided both indoors and outdoors for children to make choices and demonstrate likes and dislikes, to have the freedom to express their feelings appropriately. They learn about themselves and others, being able to communicate in a range of ways. Children are provided with plenty of opportunities for physical play and are encouraged to express themselves creatively through a range of mediums this will enable the children to progress their learning into the school system seamlessly. Furthermore, we ensure that the parents are given every opportunity to be involved in their children’s learning journey.

Every session at St. Michael’s Nursery is centred on time for play, when children have opportunities to engage in a range of adult focus activities tailored to their development, small group activities and child choice activities. To young children, play is work and an essential part of each day. Children make sense of life through play situations. Through play children will learn to be happy, confident and enjoy themselves, learn social skills and make friends. Structured play activities are needed for children to try out their ideas, practise and consolidate new knowledge, learn new skills, make decisions and solve problems.

At St Michael’s we value each child as an individual and the aim is to give the very best opportunity for each to achieve as the start their learning journey.