Year 2 Term 3

Our learning this term
The current topic web for this term can be found below. It provides information about the topics children will cover in each subject area. 
Perkin's Eco Day
In Year 2, we were tasked with the problem of designing and making a Eco-Superhero!
We worked as a class to design an octopus inspired superhero called 'SuperOcto'. We write a slogan 'SuperOcto looking cool, saving the ocean that's super cool!' 
Pupils made each tentacle and weaved old plastic bags to make a superhero costume. 
Four pupils got the opportunity to present our superhero to Perkin's business and other school who had chosen to take part in the day.
The pupils did an outstanding job, talking with confidence about our project in front of a rather large crowd and five judges, including Stafford Major.   
When time came to find out the winners, we came in a superb second place!
Well done to all!
National Space Centre
Children loved their trip to the National Space Centre in Leicester, despite the travel delays due to traffic. 
They loved the hands on interactive nature of the museum. They even loved climbing the 144 steps to the top of the rocket observation platform. They experienced the life of an astronaut in the Planetarium and got to drive a Mars Rover. We couldn't believe how heavy a tin of beans would be on Jupiter or how many stars there are in the sky. 
Pupils represented our school demonstrating all of our school values throughout.  
DT Sewing 
This term in DT pupils are designing, making and evaluating Kenyan inspired dress/outfit. 
Pupils looked at a variety of traditional Kenyan garments and practiced their sewing technique before designing and making. 
1960s compared to modern day. 
Pupils have loved looking at the artefacts, family members and school staff have sent in, from the 60s. We looked at the fashion, money, music, toys and photographs from the 60s comparing them to modern day versions and how things have changed. 
Thanks again for all of those who generously brought in artefacts for us to look at! 
This term children have been...