Year 2 Term 1

The Old Gaol 
This term we visited the Old Goal in Penkridge. 
We enjoyed looking at old photographs, seeing historical artefacts and going into the old lock-ups.
We learnt about George Bradbury, who build and was the first person  to be put in the original stocks. 
Some of us even got to see what it would be like to be put in the stocks ourselves! See pictures below. 
Maths Enrichment Day
During Maths enrichment Day in Year 2 we focused on furthering our learning related to Times tables and Shape.
We used Maths games such as TTRockstars, Mathsopoly, Education City and mosaic colouring. 
When exploring shape we created wanted posters for different 2D shapes, describing their features. 
DT - Smoothies
For our Design Technology topic this term, we have designed, made and evaluated healthy smoothies. 
Children chose their own fruit and vegetable combinations and used their cooking skills to chop and blend their chosen foods. We learnt about how to be hygienic when cooking, washing our hands correctly and wearing aprons. 
Children really enjoyed tasting their creations!