Year 4 Term 2

Our learning this term
The current topic web for this term can be found below. It provides information about the topics children will cover in each subject area for the term.
Number Day 
For Number Day this year, pupils wore clothes related to numbers. Some of the outfits were very creative, we loved the home made calculator, dice and dominos, as well as the calculation make up!
Pupils enjoyed completing a variety of challenges throughout the day, from a TTRockstars speed challenges, to creating tessellation art, times tables throwing challenges and Maths board games. 
See pictures below. 
Surprise Readers
Thank you to all the adults who came in the read to our class over the last couple of weeks!
The children have really enjoyed the listening to the stories shared by the adults!
Thanks again to all!
World Book Day
Pupils got to dress up as their favourite book character for book day this year. We had a wide range of fantastic costumes, but a special mention to Alfie who won Year 4 best dressed for his homemade Spaceboy Costume. 
Throughout the day pupils celebrated their love for books by writing recommendations to others, having time for some quiet reading and joining in with a Michael Rosen interactive workshop. 
A super day had by all!
Pupils throughout the school got the chance to take part in a Karate enrichment, preparing for a club in the Summer term. Pupils loved the session, learning different stances, punches and kicks. Pupils even got the learn some Japanese (with actions too)!
Ration biscuits
Our DT project this term was cooking. We linked our learning to our WW2 topic from History and made some ration biscuits. 
Pupils showed excellent measuring and mixing skills to weigh out and combine their ingredients, before cutting and shaping them. 
Pupils designed some packaging for their product, creating a brand name and including dietary requirements. 
Pupil enjoyed the day and hopefully all of the biscuits tasted nice too!