Year 1 Term 1

 Our Learning this Term

Our first term's topic web can be found below. This outlines the learning that we will cover for each subject. 
 Vision Days 
For the first two days of this term, the children explored the meaning behind our school vision. Each child designed their own t-shirt to represent what the vision means for them. The class worked as a team to write their own class vision prayer which you can read below. They showed courage and determination to overcome the climbing wall, learnt how to start a fire and finished the day off with a silent disco!
Some photos from the wonderful day can be found below:
Visit the the Old Gaol
The children had a wonderful time visiting the old Gaol in Penkridge. They found the sign post on Market Place and followed the direction down the the Bell Brook where they saw the stocks outside of the lock up. Some of the children had a go at sitting in them - we didn't throw any food though! They then found out more about the history of the lock up by the Heritage Centre's volunteer. We will be learning more about the history in our local area as we progress through our history unit this term. 
 Visit to St Michael's Church 
On Friday the children walked to St Michael's Church. Greg told us about some of the history inside the church. We saw angels carved in the ceilings that were built in 1385. We saw Edward Littleton 1st's tomb next to his wife, Isobel Wood. They had ten children. At the back of the church were many other tombs belonging to the Littleton family. The carving of children at the bottom around the edge represents how many children they had. There were symbols on the tombs which represents the badge of the family. We found some symbols that matched our old school badge. Before we headed back to school, we looked at the Cenotaph outside the church. We found the names of soldiers who had fallen in World War 1 and World War II. 
Some of the pictures from the visit can be seen below. 
In RE, we are learning about festivals and why we have them. We have learnt about the festival of Diwali and listened to the story of Rama and Sita. We have learnt that, during Diwali, Hindus light candles to welcome Lakshmi (Hindu goddess) into their homes.
On Tuesday we made diva lamps and created our own path of candles into our classroom.