Year 1 Term 1

 Our Learning this Term

Our first term's topic web can be found below. This outlines the learning that we will cover for each subject. 
Our History Trip to Cannock Chase Toy Museum
On Thursday 16th November we visited Cannock Chase Museum to take part in a Toy workshop to support or History learning about Toys in the Past. 
The children had the opportunity to compare how toys moved in Victorian times to how they move now, they also used their scientific knowledge on Materials to describe the materials toys were made from. 
They then made a peg doll, similar to the simple toys that Victorian children may have played with. 
They watched a Punch and Judy Show which was so funny and so much fun. They ended the day by exploring the toys and games in the museum. What a super day!!
Lenny The Lion
Lenny the Lion will be coming home with one of the children each FRIDAY. He is helping us to understand how the day light varies throughout the seasons.