Year 3 Term 3

Our Learning this Term
Our Summer term's topic web can be found below. This outlines the learning that we will cover for each subject.
DT Project
As part of our DT project, we explored different objects that used air to make them work and investigated techniques for making simple pneumatic systems.
We then designed and made our own moving monster which incorporated a pneumatic system.
Take a look at the photos below to see our finished products!
The Queen's Platinum Jubilee
As part of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations, we came dressed to school in either 50s clothing or in red, white and blue colours.
We learnt about 50s dance and created our own whole class dance to the song 'Tutti Fruitti'.
"I have loved spending the day learning all about the 50s and especially learning the different moves to our class dance!"
"70 years on the throne is an amazing achievement for the Queen!"
"I really enjoyed our whole school tea party on the playground. It was so lovely to see everyone singing the National Anthem!"