Year 3 Term 2

Our Learning this Term
Our Spring term's topic web can be found below. This outlines the learning that we will cover for each subject.
Number Day
On Friday 4th February 2022, we celebrated Number Day!
We came to school dressed in number clothing! 
Throughout the day, we completed various number challenges and activities and developed our understanding of number even further!
VR Workshops
On Tuesday 4th January, on our first day of the Spring term, we enjoyed visiting different cities using VR headsets!
We found it fascinating that we could visit cities such as Rio de Janeiro and Moscow from the comfort of our classroom! 
"We saw the Christ the Redeemer statue and Copacabana beach in Rio!"
"We saw the Kremlin in Moscow which is where the president of Russia lives!"
"We were even stood in Central Park in New York!"
Safer Internet Day 2022
On Tuesday 8th February 2022, we celebrated Safer Internet Day in school.
We watched an online safety production called 'Escape' by The Saltmine Theatre Company.  They taught us key online safety messages through the story of Sarah going into a 'forest' (the Internet) on her own and learning the importance of the 'Three Rules'. 
We took part in a follow up workshop where we were able to delve deeper into the key online safety messages portrayed in the production.
We were even allowed to be directors and change some of the scenes in the play so Sarah could make smarter choices during our workshop!
Visit to Wolverhampton Central Mosque
On Monday 14th February 2022, we visited Wolverhampton Central Mosque. 
We learnt about how the Islam religion began and discussed various Muslim beliefs.
We were able to explore the features of a Mosque and see many fascinating artefacts such as the Qur’an.
"I really enjoyed seeing the different features of a Mosque and discovering similarities and differences to Christian places of worship!"
DT Roman Bread Project
On Thursday 17th February 2022, we made our Roman bread, as part of our DT learning. 
We researched what Romans liked to eat and decided to make Roman bread.
We created different designs based on the ingredients that would have been available during the Romans period.
We then spent the afternoon tasting our bread and evaluating our final products!
World Book Day 2022
On Thursday 3rd March, we came to school dressed as our favourite book characters. 
We spent the day learning about the author, Michael Rosen, and completing various book activities. 
"My favourite part of the day was making an interactive book recommendation using the ipads and acting in role as the book characters!"
Please watch some of our interactive book recommendations using the links below:
Wroxeter Roman City Trip 
On Tuesday 8th March Year 3 visited Wroxeter Roman city.
We spent the day uncovering a city that once was busy with life and explored the remains of the buildings that still stand today.
We learnt about what life was like for the citizens and slaves of the Western Roman Empire. 
We visited a reconstructed replica of a Roman townhouse and even made our own Roman coins!
Science Week 2022
To celebrate Science Week, we focused on the following enquiry question:
Can larger hands pick up more cubes?
We made predictions and discussed how we were going to make sure it was a fair test.
Once we had completed our investigation, we presented our results in pictograms.
We found out that larger hands were able to pick up more cubes. 
Take a look at our class poster below that we shared with the whole school!