Living through our values

Our Governors asked the children what impact the vision and values have on them:
  • It helps you to persevere if you have really hard work 
  • Checking in on people and encouraging them 
  • Smiling - being joyful 
  • Being brave - in and out of school 
  • Show respect by listening to others 
  • We know what we are supposed to do when we grow up 
  • It's like a flower that starts growing and never stops 
  • Feel colours inside when you are kind and help you spread colours 
  • I have good manners 
Vision Ambassadors shared some of their thoughts around our values: 
  •  Humans are amazing- the world would be very empty without them

  •  Something bad happened to me but it taught me to show courage

  • When we show that we are kind, others will learn to be kind too

  • You just need to show our school values. Everyone is one of us, if that was you , you wouldn’t want to be hurt so treat them as you want them to treat you’.

  • The world is brilliant because there are endless possibilities- one idea leads to another

  •  I like to smile it makes me joyful. I know that when bad things happen things will get better.

  • People who don’t show our values may have had a bad experience themselves. They need us to show them how to fix their ways and be forgiven.