Year 2 Information

Welcome to Year 2 with

Mr Cooper, Mrs Tarrier and Mrs Farrington. 

Head Teacher's Awards. 
13/11/20 - Rumer, Jaime, Isabella W. 
20/11/20 - Evie, Filippa, Jacob
27/11/20 - Ivy, Drew, Max
04/12/20 - Stanley. Kirsten, Aaron
11/12/20 - Maci, Jack, Patrick
Spring Term 1
13/01/21 - Theo, Chloe, Noah
20/01/21 - Rudy, Arthur, Isabella
27/01/21 - Violet, Josiah, Joseph
03/02/21 - Jack, Tommy, Brody
10/02/21 - Iskren, Rudy, Lilly
12/03/21 - Aaron, Filippa, Isabella
19/03/21 - Jack, Violet, Noah
26/03/21 - Iskren, Arthur, Isabella
Summer Term
23/04/21 - Tommy, Ivy, Drew
30/04/21 - Rudy, Jaime, Rumer
07/05/21 - Theo, Chloe, Josiah
PE kit of a black sweatshirt or hoodie, white t-shirt and black joggers or shorts and trainers, so PE can take place outside, should be worn on PE days. Pupils with long hair will need a hairband to tie it back. Earrings must be able to be removed by the pupil.
PE kits should be worn on a Monday and Tuesday. 

Each child now has a reading pack containing a reading book and a reading record. 
Book change days are Monday and Thursday until further notice. 
If pupils know their times tables to 10x10 it helps a lot in Maths. The order for learning tables is x10 x5 x2 x4 x8 x3 x6 x9 x7. When they learn it is best not just to count in steps but to know the question and the answer. Techniques for learning include: How many times you can write them in 2 minutes, matching games, bubble writing them, writing them in different colours, making board games etc.
In Year 2 we will be focusing on the 2, 5 and 10 times tables.
TTRockstars will be used to support children with the learning of their times tables. 
During the first few weeks pupils will be assessed on their reading and spelling of Year 1 common exception words. If pupils need to continue to learn how to read or write some words they may be sent home to practice.  

If pupils are given a bumped head note during the school day the note will be passed onto the office and a call will be made to parents if we have any immediate concerns. Pupils will also still be sent home with their bumped head note.