Nursery Term 1

Letter Join
In Nursery this half term we have started to take part in Letter Join and each week the children do their gross and fine motor exercises to strengthen their bodies and fingers ready for writing. Each week we learn how to make different patterns and learn how to draw them using the programme on the interactive board or on the Ipad, our fingers in the air, ribbons on sticks, white boards and pens and with a pencil on paper.
Over the last few weeks the children have been learning all about different shapes, some children went on a hunt around nursery and the outdoor area to find shapes in the environment. They used the iPad to take photographs and then sorted the photographs into the different shape groups. Some children looked for shapes in pictures.
This week the children have continued learning about shapes. They have learnt the names of different  shapes and used words to describe the shapes. We then used shapes to independently make our pictures.
World Nursery Rhyme Week 16th - 20th November
This week the children have enjoyed lots of nursery rhyme activities. We have sung, made up new rhymes, filled in the missing words and ordered the pictures of each rhyme. We had to sort out lots of number problems to do with the rhymes using mathematical language to explain what we were doing.
Our Rhymes were :-
  • The Wheels on the Bus
  • 5 Little Speckled Frogs
  • Old MacDonald Had a Farm
  • Miss Polly Had a Dolly
Remembrance Day
This week the children have been learning about why we wear Poppies and about Remembrance Day. We made poppies to go in the school garden as part of the whole school display for Remembrance Day and we made poppies and poppy fields in nursery to go on the wall. On Remembrance day the children held a two minute silence with the rest of the school and then went out into the garden to see what the other classes had made.

Harvest Time

This week the children have been learning all about Autumn and Harvest Time. They listened to the story 'Leaf Trouble' and 'The Little Acorn' and talked about the different signs we see around us that tell us Autumn is here.

The children shared their knowledge about the work farmers do, how they plant the seeds, grow the crops and harvest them. We talked about looking after other people and giving food to the Food Bank. We learnt a new song 'Oats and Beans and Barley Grow', Click here  to see the children performing.

Our Learning This Term
Today, Thursday 1st October, was National Poetry Day.The children in Nursery joined in with one of their favourite songs  'Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?' We learnt how to keep the beat by clapping our hands and tapping our knees alternately to the song as we chanted the words. Mrs Boulton bought some cookies and we placed them in the cookie jar, we chose different children's names to see if they took the cookie and then we shared the cookies out at the end of the song.  
This week we have started our topic
'All About Me'.
The children played a game learning the names of all their friends in Nursery. They investigated some of the things that made them the same and different from each other, they sorted the photographs of each other into groups according to hair colour, and with the help of the adults they got themselves into height order from the tallest to the shortest using words like taller, shorter, tallest, shortest to describe the height of each other.  We drew self portraits and family members after the children talked about the family photographs they had brought into Nursey.