Nursery Information

Welcome to Nursery with Mrs Mayne (Nursery Manager) and Miss Sheldon, Mrs Boulton, Ms Wotton, Miss Wheeldon (Nursery Nurses) and Mrs Stawicki (One to One Support)

In Nursery we will cover the following topics: AUTUMN 1- All About Me, Autumn and Harvest AUTUMN 2- Bonfire Night, World Nursery Rhyme Week and Christmas SPRING 1- New Year and Once Upon A Time SPRING 2- Pancake Day, Signs of Spring and Easter SUMMER 1-How are we going to get there? SUMMER 2-We're all going on a Summer Holiday. Please click the link to see Nursery's yearly overview;


We use an electronic learning profile to gather evidence. Parents will have an electronic login where they are able to view and add to their child’s profile.

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Children will come to Nursery dressed in suitable clothing ready to take part in PE. Depending on the weather they will need to wear shorts or joggers, a t-shirt, hoody and trainers. Our PE day has yet to be confirmed so keep checking for details.
On Thursday 17th September the Nursery children came dressed as a character from a Roald Dahl book to celebrate Roald Dahl's birthday which was on 13th September.
We listend to one of his poems about a lion who loved to eat children, the children all helped to make a collage of the lion.