Year 3 Term 1

Our Learning this Term
The current topic web for this term can be found below.
It provides information about the topics children will cover in each subject area. 
National Poetry Day
On Thursday 1st October 2020, we celebrated National Poetry Day in school!
This year's theme was Vision and so we decided to focus our learning on the 'Clouds' poem by Brian Moses.
We really enjoyed reciting this free verse poem and writing our own Cloud poems.
Please enjoy watching the recital of our Clouds poem by our Poem Ambassadors!! 
Mental Health Awareness Day 2020
On Friday 9th October 2020 we celebrated Mental Health awareness day!
We discussed some mental health problems children and adults can have and the emotions they experience.
We discussed who we can talk to when we are feeling sad, angry or anxious.
As a class, we agreed that the best thing to do when feeling sad or worried is to talk to somebody like parents, other family members, friends and teachers.
We had lots of fun completing various mindfulness activities throughout the day!
We particularly enjoyed making our own glitter jars!!
"We can watch the glitter swirl to the bottom of the jar when we are feeling worried or angry and use it to calm ourselves down".
Harvest 2020
We discussed the importance of celebrating Harvest and those who we should be thankful for.
In Year 3 we have written Harvest prayers in the shape of pumpkins. 
Lots of us felt that we should be thankful for the variety of foods that we are able to eat as we are more fortunate than many places around the world.
Headteacher's Awards
13.11.20 - Iris, Finley and Hanna
20.11.20 - George, Mila and Isabelle
27.11.20 - Casper, Kaylee and Phoebe
04.12.20 - Olivia, Lois and Flynn
11.12.20 - Brooke, Benjamin and Harriet
17.12.20 - Whole Class 
Roald Dahl Day 
On Thursday 17th September 2020 we celebrated Roald Dahl Day!
We came to school dressed as our favourite characters!
We had a great day completing various Roald Dahl themed activities such as creating our Quentin Blake inspired illustrations and designing our own dream jars. 
Remembrance Day 2020
As part of our Remembrance learning in school, Year 3 completed an Art unit of work based on the artist, Jacqueline Hurley. We discussed the variety of artistic techniques that she used and practised these skills in our sketchbooks. We then created our own piece of artwork inspired by this artist.
Take a look below at the artwork we created!
As part of our City Hopping topic, we have been revising our Key Stage 1 knowledge and skills such as identifying the world's continents and oceans on a world map. We have learnt where the equator, Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn are on a globe and added these to our very own balloon globes!
"I know the continents that are North of the Equator are in the Northern Hemisphere"
"The countries closest to the Equator have a warmer climate"
"I can't wait to use my balloon globe to help me identify the different cities we are going to learn about"
Stone Age Project
For the first 3 weeks of this term, the children have worked really hard learning about the Stone Age!
The whole class made a Stone Age project book, which contains all of the childrens' wonderful work!
"One of my favourite activities was creating a model of Stonehenge out of biscuits!"
"I really enjoyed learning about the different layers of soil using cereal! The best bit was when we added a sweet worm to our top soils!"
Take a look at some of our learning below.