Year 3 Term 1

Our Learning this Term 
The current topic web for this term can be found below.
It provides information about the topics children will cover in each subject area. 
The Old Gaol
We visited Penkridge Heritage Centre (Old Gaol) next door to our school to learn more about the history of our local area.
We enjoyed looking at the old lock ups, seeing historical artefacts and photographs. 
We learnt about how George Bradbury built the stocks and was the first person to be put in them.
"We saw a photograph of our classroom from 1907!" 
"We even stood where the original brook was in front of the stocks!"

Some of us even got to experience what it would have been like to have been put into the stocks ourselves!


Take a look at the photos below:

Maths Enrichment Day
On Friday 5th November, we spent a whole day working on our mathematical learning. We began the day by completing some active Maths challenges on the playground and played various Maths board games to help us develop our recall of times tables. We enjoyed using the ipads to support our learning too!
During the morning, we were fortunate enough to receive a visit from parents where they discussed the importance of Maths and how they use it in their jobs today! 
Throughout the day, we completed indoor and outdoor learning activities linked to multiplication, division and fractions. We even made our own Fractions wall to help us compare different unit fractions!


Vision Days
On the first two days of the Autumn term, we had whole school vision days where we completed many exciting activities linked to our school vision statement and values!
We persevered on the climbing wall, learnt how to start a fire and enjoyed a silent disco! We even designed our own t shirt designs to represent our school vision!
"We were being so courageous climbing up the climbing wall!"
Take a look at some of the photos from these days below:
DT Stone Age Project
As part of our DT learning, we researched Stone Age clothing.
We decided to design and make our own Stone Age inspired tunics for our favourite teddies!
We developed our sewing skills from Key Stage 1 and learnt how to sew using a blanket stitch.
We showed our perseverance value brilliantly when we were threading the cotton onto the needles.
Take a look at our finished products! 
RE learning
As part of our Festivals of Light unit, we have learnt about different festivals and celebrations, such as Diwali, Hanukkah and Advent, where light is seen as a symbol of goodness.
We explored the symbolism of the Christingle and even made some of our own!
"Christingles are used by Christians to celebrate Jesus as the Light of the World."
Take a look at our handmade Christingles below!
Anti Bullying Week 2021
Monday 15th November - Friday 19th November 
We kickstarted Anti Bullying Week by coming into school wearing odd socks!
This reminded us that we are all unique and we should celebrate all of our differences. 
"This week links to our school value of respect and our school vision word tolerance!"
Each day we allocated time to address key messages, including: what bullying is, the consequences of bullying and what to do if we see bullying or feel that we are being bullied at at school, home, in person or online.
Nativity by Candlelight Concert
On Tuesday 14th December, we performed our Key Stage 2 Nativity by Candlelight concert to all of our families on the playground!
We really enjoyed narrating the Nativity story and singing our Christmas hymns!