PE & Sporting Activities

Sportshall Athletics 2024
This week 12 children form Year 4 went to Aldersely to compete in the district competition. The boys and girls competed in several field and track events. Pupils showed our School values throughout, competing with courage, perseverance and joyfulness. They scored brilliantly coming 5th out of 19 schools. 
Well done to all! 
Two teams of pupils from Year 3 and Year 4 went to Wolgarston Leisure Centre to compete in the local SPorts4All competition. All pupils did such an amazing job, collecting tokens by showing determination, passion, self-belief, teamwork, honesty and respect, when competing in boccia, new age kurling and archery. 
The Year Three team of Holly S, Mason, Leo and Esmae did a great job, collecting the most tokens out of any team in the competition. 
The Year Four team of Alex, Seville, Evangeline and Charlotte also did a fantastic job, enjoying trying out the new sports! 
Well done all!
Cross Country 2023
 This year, we took a boys and girls team from Year 3 and 4 to compete a Marshbrooke in the local Cross Country competition. 
All pupils competed well, showing perseverance, determination and represented the school fantastically. 
We had some fantastic performances with Faith winning the Year 4 girls' race, Autumn coming 4th in the Year 3 girls' race, Charlie coming second, Oliver coming fifth and Archie coming sixth in the Year 3 boys' race and Baden coming sixth in the Year 4 boys race. 
Our performances mean Faith (Individual) has qualified for the county finals, as well as the Year 3 and 4 Boys' teams. The County Final will be held at a later date. 
Well done to all who took part, representing the school brilliantly. 
Sports Day 2023
What a great day we all had a Sports Day 2023! All pupils competed brilliant for their house groups, running in sprint, obstacle, novelty and relay races. Well done to all!
A big thanks to our volunteers who helped with giving out stickers at the finish line!
A huge congratulations to Red house who won this years Sports Cup! 
Inter School Football Competition 
During the second half of the Summer term, both girls and boys have been competing against local schools in a football competition. 
Both teams did fantastically well, demonstrating our school values and lots of ability to win many games across the weeks. 
A brilliant opportunity for our pupils to develop their footballing skills in a competitive environment!
Well done all! 
Kwik-Cricket Competition 2023
Eleven pupils from St Michael's went to Penkridge Cricket club to compete in the local Kwik-Cricket competition. Pupils showed brilliant skills and demonstrated our school values when competing against three other local schools. 
With all the matches being close, we came out victorious in one match but were on the loosing side in the other two, meaning we didn't qualify for the next round of competition. 
Despite this the group had a great time so well done to all!
Street Dance Enrichment 
Children loved our 'Street Dance Enrichment' with Minnie from Progressive Sports. Pupils practiced their dance moves and put them altogether to make a complete dance. 
A fab day for all!
On Friday 12th May Year 4 got the opportunity to take part in a Cycle Ready Bikeability course. With the expert trainer, they learnt how to check their bikes are safe to ride and rode a variety of courses to check they can ride their bikes safely. 
Cross Country Finals 22-23
9 pupils from ST Michael's went to compete at the local Cross Country finals having qualified earlier in the year. Faith, Kacper, Jacob, Stanley, Jack, Elliott, Oscar, Ethan and Baden all represented the school fantastically, showing perseverance and courage to compete against up to 57 other runners in their events. 
Well done to all!
SportsHall Athletics 2022/23
On Wednesday 8th February 12 pupils from St Michaels' went to Aldersley Sports Complex to compete against other local schools in various SportsHall Athletics events. 
The 6 pupils from Year 4 and 6 pupils from Year 3 represented their school fantastically, giving each and every event their best go. They worked as a team to complete obstacle races and relay races and cheered each other on in individual events of vertical jump, standing long jump, 5 steps, foam javelin, chest push and speed bounce. 
Well done to all! 
Cross Country 2022-23
On Wednesday 12th October 12 children, making up four teams, visited Marshbrooke to take part in the local Cross Country Competition. 
The children showed all of our school values, specifically courage and perseverance, to complete the course. 
The Year 3 and 4 boys' teams won through to the next round of competition, with Kacper winning the Year 4 boys race. Well done boys!
The girls competed brilliantly, with Faith winning the Year 3 girls' race. Well done Faith! 
Commonwealth Games Day 2022
Pupils from across the school took part in our Commonwealth Games Day to celebrate the games being in Birmingham this year. 
Pupils were able to watch some of the previous games events, create sporting crafts and have a go at several different sports throughout the day. 
Pupils enjoyed the cricket challenge, trying to score points by hitting targets when throwing. 
The land triathlon was of pupils favourites, cycling, running and dry swimming to complete the event. 
Pupils showed real determination to beat their previous scores when sprinting along the speed trap. 
A favourite across the school was the boxing, with pupils taking great pride in knocking down the punching bag and seeing how many punches they could land in 30 seconds. 
Overall, a super day that all pupils thoroughly enjoyed!
On 13th June, pupils from Year 3 and 4 got the opportunity to represent the school at the local Kwik-Cricket competition. Four boys from each year group went to Penkridge Cricket Club to compete against.  
The boys showed all of our school values when competing, winning one and losing one match. 
Congratulations to all the boys for doing such a great job! Well done!
Cross Country

Pupils from Year 3 and 4 got the opportunity to represent the school in the local schools Cross Country Competition.
Four boys and girls from each year worked as a team to score points towards a team total.
Stand out results were Harriet in Year 4 coming second and Stanley in Year 3 winning his race. Special mention to Jacob who lost a shoe and still did a great job alongside everyone who showed perseverance, courage, teamwork and joyfulness.
The Year 3 Boys also won through to the next round of the completion taking place later in the term. 
Well done to all!
Girls Football Competition
On Wednesday 9th March 8 girls rom Year 3 and 4 took part in the inter school football competition at Cheslyn Hay. 
This was the girls first competitive football games and they representing the school fantastically. 
They all showed perseverance, courage and joyfulness during the competition. 
Sportshall Athletics
Pupils from Year 3 and 4 got the opportunity to compete with others schools in a variety of indoor athletic event. 
Pupils ran relays, threw javelins and balls and jumped high and long. 
Pupils represented the school showing all of our school values and had a great time competing. 
FA Schools' Football Week 7th-11th February 2022
During the week we have had the opportunity to celebrate FA School Football Week. 
We were visited by ex-professional footballer and Stoke City coach, Mr Richard Walker. He led an assembly talking about his journey from St. Michael's pupil to professional footballer and beyond, demonstrating all of the school values he had to show throughout his journey. 
Pupils really enjoyed listening to his story and got the chance to ask some of their own questions too. 
Mr. Walker also brought along some prizes for a few lucky children, a prize draw took place on Friday of that week; a signed Stoke City football and two tickets to a Stoke City home league football match. 
To continue to celebrate FA Schools' Football Week, pupils took part in a inter-house penalty and cross bar challenge, each person scoring points for their house group with the winning house presented with a small trophy! 
2021/2022 Autumn School Clubs
Throughout the Autumn term, pupils were given the opportunity to access several sports clubs. 
Members of Year 1 and 2 took part in a multi-sports club, developing their gross motor -skills through sporting games and activities. 
Girls' from Years 3 and 4 got the opportunity to to take part in the FA Shooting Stars Girls' Football program, learning a variety of football skills through story telling and games related to the Disney film Frozen. 
Sports Day 2021
This year each class had their own Sports Day. We were blessed with some lovely weather across the three days. It was great to see parents on the school grounds celebrating their children's achievements. 
The children did an amazing job in their races. The sprint race, obstacle race, novelty race and relay gave them all an opportunity to show off their sporting skills. 
During the 2020/2021 year we have received recognition for continuing engagement with the School Games and for completing the School Games Mark Framework. 
St Michael's have achieved the School Games PLATINUM Mark Award 2018/2019.
Cricket - June 2019

Well done to our cricket team who participated in the South Staffs event last Monday, 17th June. It was a closely fought contest with St Michael’s coming second overall, just missing out on the county finals.

Tri Golf Tournament - May 2019

Well done to our Golf teams who participated at the recent South Staffs event. The 20 players from year 3 and year 4 played in two teams, competing in eight challenges. These included the famous Bulls eye game and the intriguingly named Finders Keepers game. The year 4 team showed great determination and were rewarded with a 5th Place overall. The year 3 team, who were representing our school for the first time, all competed to the best of their ability and came 6th overall.

Tag Rugby Tournament - May 2019

Well done to our Tag Rugby squad who participated at the recent South Staffs event. The 12 players from year 4 played with outstanding sportsmanship and teamwork, competing in five matches. They showed great determination and were rewarded with a 3rd place overall, only just failing to make it through to the finals and county qualification.
At St. Michael's our ambition is to provide an increased range of physical opportunities that our children can enjoy throughout the school day and sign post them to community activity and celebrate activity as seen in a fit and healthy lifestyle. We utilised the chief medical officer’s recommendation of the 60 active minutes per day as a catalyst to invoke change across our school.

We have active lunchtimes, exciting after school activities and sports and a wide range of competitive opportunities. We celebrate childrens’ achievements in community clubs.

We strive to help children from our school follow a fit and healthy lifestyle which they can take into adulthood.

We also had the amazing news of the awarding of the Sainsbury Platinum school mark to St.Michaels.

Cross country October 2019

Well done to all our cross country teams who ran at the recent competition at Marshbrook school. The year 3 teams, none of whom had represented school before, tried their best.Year 4 also competed most ably, special mention goes to Isobelle who came second.Although our teams did not progress to the finals they all showed our school values of perseverance, service to our school and courage.

Well done!

Sport for all Oct 2019

Well done to all our sport for all teams who competed at the recent competition at Cheslyn Hay leisure centre. There were three year 3 and year 4 teams, who tried out new sports: Goalball, Boccia, Sitting Volleyball and New age Kurling. All the children had a fabulous time enjoying each event. All the activities gave our children the chance to compete against other schools. Well done!

Sports Day 2019