Admissions Arrangements

Applications for Admission

Full time places in the reception class will be available in September of the academic year in which your child becomes five.

If you wish to make an application for your child‟s admission to this school please complete an admissions form online at , even if you are resident within the school's catchment area.

In consultation with school governors, Staffordshire Local Education Authority determines the number of pupils that may be admitted to a school in each year; this is generally referred to as the school‟s Published Admission Number (PAN). The PAN for this school is 30.

Oversubscription Criteria

If the number of applications for admission to a school exceeds the school‟s Published Admission Number then the following order of priority will be used to allocate the available places:

  1. Children in care.
  2. Pupils who have a sibling in attendance at school at the time of admission.
  3. Pupils living within the catchment area of the school, as defined by the Local Authority.
  4. Children who are outside the catchment area are themselves, or whose families are, faithful and regular worshippers at a Church of England parish church. Written evidence of the applicant‟s commitment to their place of worship (in the form of a clergy reference) will be required.
  5. Children who are outside the catchment area and who are themselves or whose families are, faithful and regular worshippers of another Christian denomination (as recognised by Churches Together in Britain and Ireland and /or the Evangelical Alliance).. Written evidence of the applicants commitment to their place of worship will be required.
  6. Children who are themselves, or whose families are, committed members of another religious faith. Written evidence will be required from the faith leader.
  7. Pupils arranged in order of priority according to how near their home addresses are to the main gate of the school by the straight line distance as measured by the Children and Lifelong Directorates geographical information system.

In the event that two or more applicants have equal right to a place under any of the above criteria, the Governing body will apply to the subsequent criteria, in order of priority, to these applicants.

If there are limited number of space available and St Michael‟s cannot distinguish between applicants using the criteria listed, such as in the case of children who live in the same block of flats or are the result of a multiple birth, then the child or children who will be offered the available spaces will be randomly selected by drawing lots

In line with the new Special Educational Needs code of practice, St. Michael’s will not discriminate against an educational or physical need in deciding whether to offer a place. Any child with a statement of special educational needs that names the school must be admitted. This will reduce the number of places available to applicants.

All children will be granted places using the above criteria regardless of ability, race or gender.

If your application is unsuccessful you have the right to make an appeal to an Independent Appeals Panel, details are available from the school. This is an abridged version of our Admissions policy a full copy can be downloaded from the school policy section or a copy is kept in the school foyer.