Year 3

During the topic of 'What are the Secrets of the Earth?' pupils learnt all about volcano formation  and eruption. We all took part in an experiment to make our very own volcano 'erupt'. 

Year 3 volcano byear 3 volcano


Year 3 were invited to take part in the Lichfield Cathedral Music Share Concert. The class learnt songs and performed alongside 8 other schools and the Director of Music Outreach Catherine Lamb. Pupils performed songs 'Aint' no mountain', 'Can you hear my voice?', 'There was an old woman', 'Si si lanobana', 'Water come a me eye', 'The Music is the Magic' and 'Weather With You' to an audience of parents and teachers. 

year 3 cathedral cyear 3 cathedral byear 3 cathedral


For our parents' activity session we carried out an experiment related to learning about how a skeleton protects us. In pairs children were given an egg, they had to build a skeleton to protect the egg. Pupils then tested the effectiveness of their skeleton by dropped the egg, hoping the skeleton would protect it.  

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