Year 3


Mrs Dainty, Mrs Sharman & Mrs Fisher

I hope you will find this information useful.



Home learning will be sent home at the beginning of each new topic. Children are encouraged to spend at least 25p per week where they choose 1 weekly treat, and as many penny sweet tasks as they can. We encourage Year 3 children to add their totals each week and record in books. Please ensure that homework books are returned to school every Wednesday.

Please click the link below to see this half terms homework options.


In the Summer term of Year 4 there will be a statutory times tables assessment set by the Government. Therefore, learning the Multiplication tables is an important part of Year 3 and Year 4 home learning. 


Home reading is invaluable to ensure that your child meets the expected standard or above. We appreciate fully your support. We would hope that your child reads a minimum of 3 times a week. Either you or your child can write in the reading record book. If they read any books or magazines that are not the school scheme, we ask that you or they would record those in their reading record. Our aim is to move as many children as possible off scheme books. We set weekly targets for reading with house points as a reward for reaching targets. If your child moves onto own choice books they can either choose one from the class library or read an appropriately leveled book from home.



We welcome your support in learning tables, we do a lot of learning in school, however overlearning is exceptionally important. It is required that Year 4 children have a quick recall of tables facts to 12x12. From this year, all Year 4 pupils will take part in a government assessment. This is taken online, where children answer 36 questions with 6 seconds to answer them. This will be explained further during a workshop on 17th September for family members to attend. Further details will be given.



Swimming will be in the Spring term. The lessons will be held at Wolgarston, assessed and employed by Wolgarston staff. For the lessons, girls will need a hat and a costume and boys require swimming trunks (not baggy short style). Goggles can be worn but only with a letter of parental consent. Further letters to follow.





There is a new behaviour policy.

HOUSE POINTS: Now given as tokens with a half termly total.

VALUE CARDS: Instead of merit cards and prizes a values sticker card will be used. Children will receive prizes for achieving a set number of stickers.

HEAD TEACHERS AWARDS: These will continue. You will be contacted by the office on a Thursday morning if your child receives one.

SANCTIONS: We are also implementing a new behaviour management strategy within school, with the whole of the school following the same procedures. It will be based on a traffic light system of green, yellow, orange, red and purple. As a school we really want to promote all positive learning behaviours and in still the school values. The children will move down the chart to the next colour if they are not showing positive examples of the behaviours and values. If your child moves to the red or purple zone we would inform you of this. The children have the opportunity to ‘wipe the slate clean at the end of a morning/afternoon session. We have a lot of amazing children at St Michael’s who we know will always be in the green section, these children will be celebrated.



Lunch times will now be from 12pm – 1pm.



We encourage water bottles to be brought into school every day. In Years 3 and 4 the water bottles go outside at break times and lunchtimes to give the children a chance to have a drink as we know some children get very engrossed in their learning and sometimes forget to have one.

Snacks should consist of either fruit or cheese.



We recommend that PE kits are in school every day. As P.E is part of the school curriculum they will need the correct kit.

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