Daniel's Mum brought in Baby Chicks for us to see:-




Reception had a wonderful time visiting Thinktank in Birmingham as part of their topic all about 'Space'. We had lots of time to explore the exhibits and play with resources, we learnt all about the human body and how it works as well as pretending to be doctors and dentists!

We watched a show in the Planetarium called "The Star Who Could". It was very, very dark and we saw lots of stars, we learnt the names of all the planets.

We took part in a theatre show called 'Destination Space'. We received a video from Tim Peake who told us all about life on the International Space Station. Boey, Tully, Oak and Emily all helped out as part of the show- they represented our school brilliantly! We found out what we would have to wear in space, how we would sleep in space and how we use the toilet in space!!

After our lunch we had time to explore the Science Garden, which was definitely our favourite part of the day. We had time to play in the water and learn about how water moves.

We had a fantastic day- we were very tired on the coach coming home!!

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As part of our topic Food Glorious Food Reception made their own pizzas. We learnt that pizzas originally come from a country called Italy and we found it on the map. 

We had to wash our hand very carefully before we started, we talked about why this was so important when handling food. 

We had such good fun making our pizzas we used fine motor skills such as squeezing, spreading, sprinkling and pinching. 

We chose cheese and ham as our topping. We took our pizzas home to cook in the oven, we made predictions about what would happen to the cheese when it got hot.

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