Welcome to Reception with Mrs Fear (Mon, Tues and Wed am) and Mrs Durnford (Wed, Thurs and Fri) The Teaching Assistants are Miss Jacks and Mrs Dodd.

In Reception we will cover 6 themes, one each half term: AUTUMN 1- Nursery Rhymes AUTUMN 2- Let’s Celebrate! SPRING 1- People and Pets SPRING 2- Prehistoric Stomp! SUMMER 1- We’re Going on a Bear Hunt SUMMER 2- Creepy Crawlies

Please click the link to see Reception classes latest topic theme   Autumn-Term-1-Marvellous-Me


We have begun our phonics learning- this is a daily session where your child builds up the skills for reading and writing. We will learn 4 sounds per week. We learn the letter sound NOT the name (e.g. s is ssss not ess) Every FRIDAY your child will bring home 4 sheets where your child can practice the letter formation. The sheets do not need to be returned and can stay at home. They also have a letter sound keyring- this is for your child to practice naming the letter sounds.


Homework will be issued on a FRIDAY and needs to be returned by WEDNESDAY. The homework will be linked to something that we have been learning in class. We ask that homework is completed in pencil and not pen. If you have trouble getting the children complete their homework, try a little bit each day rather than all at once, we know the children can be very tired after a day at school!


Your child will bring home a reading book. Initially the book may be too challenging for your child to read independently. Please read this book with your child encouraging them to use the pictures to tell the story, spot sounds that they recognise begin to blend words such as ‘b-u-g’. Please write in your child’s reading record book when you have read at home. We will change these books once a week.


PE is on a FRIDAY in Reception. We are now changing for PE. This enables the children to be independent and fulfils part of their Physical Development curriculum. Please ensure all your children’s clothes are named so that they put the correct clothes on afterwards. We apologise in advance for any mix ups with clothing that may occur- we will do our best to help rectify this, and that will be easier if clothing items are named. PE kits usually stay in school and will be sent back home each holiday.


If you have written a message please send your book into school in your child’s hand, as we will not be checking all the books daily.

Finally, we really look forward to working with you all this year and look forward to seeing your children grow and develop.

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